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Bratislava, Slovakia

Rubikon Legal, s.r.o. is a Slovak attorney office providing and delivering complete legal support with regards to relations associated with new business opportunities, digital age of relations, corporate agenda and entrepreneurship within Slovak and European environment (start-ups, European companies and Co-operatives, Shares registration, digital procedures and practices, etc.). We gained many valuable experiences in legal branches of digital and IT law, business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, forming personal and property entities and structures (business corporations, foundations, organizations, associations, etc.) and company liquidations. We provide support and assist in real estate’s sales & transfers, development, data/trade secrets protection, intellectual property development, e.g. individual or collective protection of property and authors’ rights, setup and settlement of licence relations, including licence agreements/conditions. We often implement various procedures in regulated and non-regulated areas. Our lawyers are in close touch with legal agenda of insurance sector and banking industry, comprising payment services, payment providers, electronic money and diverse financial relations. Last but not least we represent our clients in litigations, arbitrations and in administrative proceedings of public and state authorities.

We understand, that essential part of a good lawyer is ver precise orientation in associated fields of relations such as best business practises, common manners in particular sectors and industries, overview of bookkeeping, tax and administrative aspects of business. Cooperation with licenced experts, auditors and further technical professionals from respective industries is this for us essential. We always deliver complex service tailored to individual needs of our partners, which provide us closer contact with the client, which tend to result in mutual enrichment of business and company policy and ability to provide more focused and more dedicated and comprehensive solutions. Substantial understanding of needs of a client is always on a first place for us.

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IT Law and
Intellectual Property
Contract Law 
Real Estates
Civil Law
Employment Law 
Data Protection
Public Administration 
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In certain life situations it is worth to consult particular issues with professionals in order to prevent eventual later ravels, loss or reduction of rights, 
which may conclude in major financial or other future expenses.

Business, Entrepreneurship and Corporate

Business subjects, entities, start-ups, corporate structures → we can help you with forming a business corporation/enterprise and establishing the best suitable legal form, registering business licences, establishing trusts, joint ventures, founding associations, non-governmental organizations or foundations, resolving legal matters of running a legal entity in particular business field or industry, drafting Articles/Memorandums of Association, regulating relations between owners (e.g. shareholders), managers and relations between each other, preparing paperwork for any changes within the companies, M&A activities, company liquidation, winding-up, or eventual bankruptcy proceedings or restructuralization.

Contracts and Agreements ("Pacta sunt servanda")

Drafting, counselling and adapting (formulating substantial commentaries) of Contracts, Agreements, Conventions, Settlements and further legal arrangements and wordings, including meetings’ minutes, notes, decisions, general terms & conditions, license conditions or other  terms and duties upon individual needs and industry practices, trade rules and common principles in order to prepare final documents securing and protecting Your rights and interests that are important for you and thus settling very solid legal position resulting thereof.

Real Estates / Properties and Construction Authorities

Real Estates Sale & Transfer, Rental/Sub-rental Agreements, establishment and registering Encumbrances (e.g. lifetime usage right, walk-through right, etc.), pledge rights, mortgages and mortgage instruments, handling cadastral proceedings and representing clients in contact with cadastral, construction, or further land registry authorities → we will guide you through the formal process of transferring, assigning and registering property rights according to various individual legal rules.

IT law and Intellectual Property

We do our best to gain trust in the digital law world and intellectual property law: preparing and setting up complete legal platform to protect, use or licence any copyrights, including authors IP rights. We are skilled in composing writings in this dynamic law branches, e.g.: License Agreement, End User Agreement, Service Level Agreement, Maintenance and SupportAgreement, further agreements concerning the use of any “work” protected by copyright, assignment of intangible property rights and affiliated agreements / declarations, including Employment Agreement to set the rights between employee and employer, Contract for Work (like software, picture, motion picture, audio/-visual, literature, radio, tv, artistic or any other work) to set the rights between business partners and alike IP relations.

Construction and Development

Legal docs in the field of construction: Construction /Development Closing Agreements, documents for disposition and use of real estates (Purchase and Sell Contracts, Rental/Lease Agreements, etc.), application of specific terms & conditions (e.g. FIDIC concerning development, INCOTERMS concerning sub-contractors, etc.), legal support in obtaining zoning, building permit and occupancy permission (documents, requests and proposals for land register, building office and further real estate authorities). We cooperate with domain experts, e.g. architects, engineers, planners, land surveyors, in order to deliver complex and professional support. 

Conception of guarantee instruments: pledges, mortgages and other encumbrances, security transfer of right/claim, promissory notes, managing activities via Letter of credit/Escrow account, preparing future agreements establishing legal presumptions, fiction.

Individual Legal Arrangements

Upon specific request our lawyers are ready to prepare and draft numerous agreements tailored to defined purposes, mutual arrangements and provided contemporary conditions, which may differ from cogent contratual types embodied in basic law codes and thus provide you a unique individual legal arrangement (Contractus Inominatus): e.g. preliminary business agreements like Letter Of Intent, Memorandum of Understanding, contracts for protecting information and know-how - Non-Disclosure Agreements, Exclusivity Agreements, options and conditional arrangements, Associate Contracts and Shareholders Agreements, side-arrangements in Shareholders Agreements (Tag-Along, Drag-Along right, Shootout), Research and Software Development Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Affiliate / Merchant contracts,  Franchise Agreements, Service Level Agreements and Support Contracts, Warranty Agreements, Management Agreements, Marketing Contacts, and many more.

Bank, Finance and Insurance Law Payment Industry

Composition and setup of all necessary terms and conditions in certain areas of financial industry, like payment, bank and insurance services, electronic money, PSD2 domain; relations with end-users, clients, agents, insurer and insured parties, protection of rights, application of personal/property claims, collision claims (compulsory/optional liability contracts), including indemnification, damages and personal injuries. We provide assistance and supervision in obtaining licences and registrations in regulatory areas of business where various prudential institutional rules and guidelines by specific national (National Banks) and supranational authorities (like EBA, EIOPA) across financial sector apply. We will guide you through the very formal proceedings and implementation of mandatory policies, e.g. Anti-money laundering, Consumer rights & duties, Data Protection standards, Security Incident measures, etc

EEA Grants, Funds, Public Sector

Granting programs from European and Structural Investment Funds or other various funding mechanisms provide an important and key contributions in order to realize crucial projects for future business opportunities, however signing of an agreement and acceptance of wide range of terms and policies which for this process apply is only the beginning of the long-term cooperation in accordance with set rules and guidelines and in order to follow quantifiable indicators and benchmarks.  Very often in the network of numerous relations a professional guide is needed, our lawyers are available to assist with the legal work involved through-out the process of fulfilling particular legal obligations in order to finalize and close the project accomplishments and evaluation of gained assets.

We provide legal representation in administrative proceedings and trials.

Data Protection, GDPR

Fast growing branch of law and business concerns is actually subject to legislation changes and we can help you to become familiar with most important rules in this environment; providing the training in this area, performing the supervision of personal data protection and arrangement of all necessary documents related thereto (registration and evidence of the information system, notification of personal data protection Officials, edification of entitled persons, preparation of the contract and authorization between processor and controller, etc.). We are ready to help you with up-to-date information about liabilities of each entity, which has to comply with Act on personal data protections and as well to secure own valuable information in dealing with others.

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